About Me

Jamie was born in the depth of the collection of humid, sweaty swamps that’s called Florida. Growing up between oak trees, palm trees (and the occasional gator), and being  juxtaposed against the neon, pastel, and plastic of Disneyworld, he decided that making a life out of art might be a fun thing to do. This life decision wasn’t wholly his own fault, because his post-hippy/pre-cartoonist father, who loved to paint, used to always involve Jamie in whatever art project he was doing at the time: from hand making t-shirts, to stop-motion clay-mation, and even in impromptu comedic short films.

During his brief, 5 years stint of college at the University of South Florida(where he did, in fact, graduate with a BFA), Jamie found himself getting bored to death with most of the art he and his fellow students were being taught to make. So he starting drawing influences from far beyond where most kids in his class were reaching. Stepping outside of the art history books, he began to look at graffiti artists such as Banksy, as well as to advertisements, signs, billboards, the landscape that these elements created, and beyond. With this new found bank of materials and influences he began to meld them together into a visually fun collection of art, that is chocked full of memories, emotion, and whole hearted sincerity.

Now, Jamie Middleton lives in Portland, OR, puts his degree to good use by working in Customer Service and tries to pay his bills. He still paints, and loves it.

(and apparently loves photos of himself in the woods.)